Helping people find each other is our business

What do you call a sad story? Missing the bus? Being late for work?

For us, it is having a hard time transporting your goods, products and equipments, to where they need to go, using the right transport provider.

Usually, for your cargo, there's no transport. And for truck drivers, no loads to carry, hence, no jobs and no money earned.

The current setup of the country’s freight market means, there aren’t proper channels for truck drivers and the people who have freight to meet.

Whatever a sad story means to you, it would always be a situation where there are people denied the opportunity to reach their potential due to one challenge or the other.

How do we curb this?

How do we make truck drivers more accessible to the public? How do people with goods and products easily get truck drivers to move their freight to the right location when needed?

That is how Safetrucks came into being.

Safetrucks is an internet freight marketplace that provides more information and choice to people with freight and transport providers.

Reducing average freight transport costs, increasing business opportunities for transport providers and truck drivers, and creating a more efficient industry for everyone by reducing the number of empty trucks on the roads and the level of frustration for the public who find it hard to transport their goods, products and equipments.

We achieve this by providing a transparent online bidding system, allowing transport providers to access a larger pool of available freight to move, thereby achieving the best price possible for their Customers and allowing transport providers to be more efficient with managing their loads.

Ladele Ajao

CEO, Co-Founder Safetrucksng

Ladele Ajao is the CEO & Co-Founder of Safetrucks Nig. Limited.

A graduate of Computer Science from LAUTECH, he specializes in developing innovative digital business solutions. Over the last 10 years, he has worked as an Information Technology Analyst for many companies in the insurance, oil & gas, security and telecommunications sectors.

Why Safetrucks?

Why is Safetrucks so personal to me?

I have been into transportation since 2007 when I was in high school. I remember driving my father's truck to transport goods and products across local and regional markets.

I could remember how it was hard for people to find a truck that would carry their freight

Most times when we transport freight out of the city, we return with empty trucks because there’s no avenue for people looking to transport their own goods and products along our service routes to meet us.

These experiences led to Safetrucks.

Ayokunnu Meadows Co-Founder, Strategic Business Manager

Ayokunnu Meadows is the Strategic Business Manger & Co-Founder of Safetrucks Nig. Limited. He’s a LAUTECH mechanical engineering alumni with his post-graduate studies at the American college of technology (ACTECH). He’s worked in diverse industries with roles centred on engineering consulting, coordination, planning, supervision, quality service delivery

Why Safetrucks?

My engineering background has me always on the lookout for improving people’s lives with tech-driven business solutions for their efficiency and convenience.

The opportunity to create a positive change in the freight marketplace by providing cheap, smart freight logistics solutions to people ignites my interest in Safetrucks.

Why Choose us?


We operate by empathy. We have been in the system, experienced the frustration caused by not having a marketplace for truck drivers and the people to interact. We understand your plight and we are here to help you to the smallest detail of your needs. Having neat and running trucks is not our unique proposition because there really should be no transport company without neat and running vehicles. Our promise is to make it easier for you to access truck drivers to move your goods and items based on your budget.


We serve you information. We bring the market close to you. With just one click on your phone, you have us!


We give you options to make your choice. Do you prefer this truck over the other? Would you want this condition or the other? What suits you? You make your choice.


You pay what you are supposed to pay. No driver will exploit you. Flexible pricing options with a transparent freight quoting and bidding process. And you can say no to a driver if you disagree with the price.

Am I Safe Using This Platform?

At Safetrucks, we’re committed to doing the right thing. We go above and beyond for our customers, drivers, and employees.

Safetrucks provides viable security measures in place such as:

• Screening of the service providers.

• Users being able to track their freight while in transit.

Our team are hard at work on introducing more creating new freight-booking solutions to the Safetrucks marketplace to further bolster security and product efficiency.

There is always a provision to know how you're being served.

So, yes.

You are safe with us!

Welcome to Safetrucks!