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A picture tells a thousand words Adding one can help get you a number of quotes

If you are purchasing the item from an online website, please select from the drop options available.

Some Transport Providers will not carry personal effects or other items in the car.

  • Driveable - certain Transport Providers can only load Driveable cars.
  • Registered and Insured - helps to determine if the car can be driven at all as part of the delivery service.
  • Empty - Some Transport Providers will not permit personal effects in the vehicle to be transported. By answering 'NO' to this question means you may limit the number of eligible quotes.

A Driven Service is where a Transport Provider drives your car between the collection and delivery locations. It can often be quicker than being placed on a truck.

Adding an image to your listing can increase Quotes received by 50%. While optional, the more information you can give, the easier it is for transport providers to quote and the more quotes you will receive.

Images need to be .png, .gif or .jpg. They CANNOT be .pdf.

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