Move Anything, Anywhere, Anytime - How does it work?

List your freight requirements on Safetrucks for free. Our network of Transport Providers ensures you find the best person for the job. Receive competitive quotes on our online marketplace from Transport Service Providers. Round the clock support team available to help answer your questions and facilitate your bookings.

step 1

List Your Freight for FREE

List your freight on the Safetrucks marketplace for free.
Request a Quote, choose the best fit category of the item(s) you want to move and answer the questions asked.
Questions will include details about the shipment that Transport Providers need to offer a quote.
Where the shipment is going to and the delivery status if it's urgent, flexible or it needs to be delivered on any specific date?

step 2

Receive Instant Quotes

No phone calls! No pressure! All quotes are obligation-free and online.
Instantly generate Safetrucks freight quotes from multiple Transport Providers.
Clarify any queries related to your booking by sending a message to Transport Providers

step 3

Choose a Transport Provider

Compare all quotes from various Transport providers on your Dashboard.
Your Safetrucks dashboard contains all booking, transit and delivery data making the entire process hassle-free.
When you're convinced that you have found a Transport Provider that suits your requirements and budget, simply accept the quote.
That's it. The Job is Booked.

step 4

Receive and Leave Feedback

Track your delivery throughout the process by using the status update and by private texts.
Once the delivery is done, share your experience with us and rate the delivery to help our customers choose Safetrucks.